Today is 4 Imix 4 Yaxk’in

1599 shopping days until 4 Ahau 3 K’ank’in.


I discovered this thing called TED one month ago today, according to the July 5 entry in my Moleskine. I was complaining to Mrs. Dr. Omed about the low information density of the science programming on PBS. CGI, in my opinion, has been the ruination of programs like NOVA, even when the episode is not a paean of praise to some new toy of the Military Industrial Infotainment Complex. I want talking head TV, and I’m not talking about David Byrne’s head, unless it’s floating in a glass jar full of formaldehyde. In short, I want Mentat TV. This was the substance of an extended whine directed at the long suffering Mrs. Dr. O, on that lazy Saturday afternoon.

And Lo, on that day, via a site called Chili Con Darwin, a link was given unto me: TED TV.

Someone very smart thought up a great dodge. Throw a big party, call it a conference, invite as many geniuses, particular cranky ones, as will come, and charge smart rich people thousands of dollars apiece to come and see if any of the good stuff rubs off. Film the 18 minute talks given by 50 eclectic thinkers and doers, then put it all online for the delectation of the self-selecting digeratti.

Here’s the link to the first TED viddy I watched: Susan Blackmore on memes and temes.

Here’s one of my faves: Robert Full on engineering from evolution.

Neil Gershenfeld on “Fab Labs” made Mrs. Dr. Omed’s head hurt.

My ennui and anhedonia are assuaged, my neurons massaged, and new computational algorithms are at play in my not-so-pretty little head. A TED a day keeps the migraine away. Please, Sir, can I have some more?


4 responses to “Today is 4 Imix 4 Yaxk’in

  1. Well, jeez–I’ve had TED in my Recommended roll for, like, since before the beginning. I posted something similar to this last year–to a similar lack of response. But I’m with you– it’s T-riffic.

  2. Ouch. That’ll teach me to pay much closer attention to your blogroll, rather than just read and run.

    What are your favorite talks, Sam?

  3. Amy Goodman is the only news and practically the only show worth watching on Fleece Public TV. More later.

  4. Thanks, Herr Doktor Professor! Very, very cool site. I see a goodly portion of my time being spent on TED in the future.

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