Today is 3 Imix 4 Tzek

1639 shopping days til 4 Ahau 3 K’ank’in.

Scissor Dance: Fat Chance

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The body politic of this country suffers from obesity. This, dear pilgrims and seekers, is a spiritual affliction, deep and double wide, manifested physically. We have the holy heft, we bear the burden of the Love Handles of God, we jiggle like a bowlful of Jello-for-Jesus because we are a Christian, predominantly Protestant nation. America the Fat, living by the fatwahs of fatheads, not America the Free.

Does this God make our ass look big? Does the Capitol have a ro-tund-a? You better believe it. And our soon to be ex-POTUS has painted a nice, big bull’s-eye on it.

But I can’t leave out devotees of the Maid, the Mother, or the Crone, such as myself. I have slaughtered the fatted calf beneath the Asherahs of Adam’s Madam, and the fat of the land encircles my midriff.

When I put on my Occam‘s beanie, aka my reductio ad absurdum tam o’ shanter, It seems to me it is the taint of monotheism that spoils the rich broth of America’s spiritual diversity, and we carry that on our hips, most of us. I am very, very Baptist, although Atheist Baptist, and according to a scientific study Baptists are on average the porkiest of all. Root, hog, root. I am a glutton, but not just for punishment. I want the grease and the gravy too. This I blame on the faith of my fathers and my mother’s cooking.

Buddha I note is often depicted as a fat (and happy) man…Jesus hangs on the cross like a tortured anorexic…so why are most Buddhists skinny and most Christians overweight? The Moslems obviously aren’t eating right, most of them, perhaps due to subconscious anxiety as to what it is, really, under the black curtain of the Qaaba. Oh, Mother of Allah!

The Goddess too is flowing with fat. How shall we take nourishment from Her, from the creamy milk of Her Inhuman Kindness, without raising our cholesterol and our blood pressure? I don’t know. I have entered a sort of dark Wisconsin of the soul, and my soul is lactose-intolerant. I know not when the divine afflatus will blow its trump, or of what savor the revelation will be. In meantime, I bow down before the holy shrine of the refrigerator, open the door of the reliquary, and look for some leftovers.

(This is old yada, which means it had a previous incarnation at the Tent Show at Salon, and that I didn’t have anything new this morning. But I still like it, and think it worth reposting.)



5 responses to “Today is 3 Imix 4 Tzek

  1. O.K., I am still waiting to hear exactly how (or even generally how) Protestant Christianity leads to obesity. By not eschewing pork, perhaps? I can see making a case for the Baptist denomination, which tends to be a faith of poorer people. Worldwide, I’m guessing that Pentacostalists probably have a huge tendency to equate girth with godliness, given their enthusiasm for the gospel of wealth.

  2. Allow me to introduce the other half of my brain, Spike:

    The general relationship of religions to bodies is this: In their arrogance, the believers inflate their minds, and desires of the mind such as the wish to avoid death, to such an extent that the body, which contains all the meat and hence almost all the spirit, is relegated to a distance, plays a poor second cousin. The so-called modern religions then must placate that wronged flesh of actual Self, [ very much the same as old naturists placated the spirits of the beasts they preyed on by elevating them to status of theriomorphic deities ], so that the body does not wreak its revenge on mind, i.e. on perceived Self. All such strategies of appeasement have pitfalls; all of them attempt in some fashion to hide from the true believer the evidence that he is a groveling, fearful nobody, kowtowing to something or somebody. The dynamics of the religion-to-body vary then, but one can trace a relationship of belief systems to body usage, body beautification, and not least, body mass. All religions worship the Goddess in some [ ususally sublimated ] fashion, and that is anima worship for men and mother worship for women, which means the true Goddess is always identified with one’s own flesh.

    The “fat Buddha” is a surogate for the pregnant Goddess, hiding in plain sight, due to male-dominated politics, or a delightful symbol of conjunctio if one prefers.

    “so why are most Buddhists skinny and most Christians overweight?” This stereotype is probably true; even tropics-dwelling Christians carry a lot of weight if they have the food available. There are many reasons. Xtians don’t seem to be the brightest bulbs on the planet. There is historical, ethnic Venus of Willendorf Ice Age survivalist selectivity to consider in all white genes. But from a metaphysical standpoint, the answer is that the tres chic dude on the crucifix is the very next symbolic image in the great wheel of the Goddess after that of the Crone ! Crone = Christ. And of course, that old lady desperately needs to be fattened up, or else she’s gonna die, you know. If the same Christians worshipped [ i.e. identified themselves with ] the pregnant Goddess, they would have little need to bulk her [ i.e. their bodies ] up.

    The linked Asherah site asks the question,

    “What was Asherah’s role in Israelite religion? Could she have been the consort of the Israelite god?”

    Sure, but does the author fail to note the obvious? The carved pillars of Asherah have a substantial ithyphallic symbolism. The male and female generative functions are, in effect, combined. Such a symbolism may seem strange to the revanchist late-bronze-age male-dominant warmaking society into which we are born. But such a Jungian “conjunctio” may have been a much healthier psychology, one playing down male dominance and, while inchoate, suggesting to males that they are unified with the generative and nurturing functions of females. I mean to say, penis envy among females as a cause of hysteria [ god save us from such armageddon! ] is rare, Fraud notwithstanding, while womb envy among males — sublimated, denied, and projected onto a male supreme creative deity — is probably the primary untreated mental illness of all current power-mongering societies. Hence i suggest that an image, even an idol, which combined male and female sexual and generative and nurturing functions suggests a deliberate effort to promote mental peace and even perhaps equality within families. That effort failed historically for a variety of reasons, including the need of a small, weak meandering tribe to generate withing themselves a territorial warmaking ethic via the psyops warfare, the primary big lie, of an exclusive, dominant male deity. Not to mention the exteme ease with which such a psychotic religion can be spread.

  3. Dave, Spike. Spike, Dave.

  4. George says it all so much better than I can.

  5. Buddhists skinny, Christians overweight – fascinating speculations. A modest PhD in there?

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