Random Photo: Mud on Rust Asemic

found asemic scoop logo crop sharp ort sat boost rcrop str

A photo a day keeps the Doctor in play.


Sunday Selfie/Not A Selfie: Selfie By Proxy

whoopah by eden weiwei dog

My granddaughter, five at the time (September 2017) and I were inspecting Ai Weiwei’s Circle of Animals/Zodiac Heads installed outside the Speed Musuem in Louisville. According to the Chinese zodiac, I am a dog; my granddaughter, a dragon. I took shots of her standing under the dragon’s head, then I handed the camera to her, stood under the dog’s head, and she did the same for me. None of the pictures of her under the dragon satisfied my eye, but the one she took looked good after a crop and a tweek.


Museum of Joy: O Happy Monocule!

odilon redon cyclopsOdilon Redon, Cyclops

Thought Balloon: Open To All Epitaphs

thought balloon small asterisk

*A suggestion is its own epitaph. But the suggester offers it to the suggestee to adopt as some part of the suggestee’s own epitaph. My suggestion: Write your own epitaph.

suggestion epitaph box

Beware loose promiscuous epitaphs. All suggestion boxes descend from the jar (pithos, not pyxis, box) Hesiod says Pandora opened.*  But it was Hesiod that was full of suggestions. You can place the jar in Tennessee, as Wallace Stevens suggests anecdotally, but it will take dominion everywhere, and make a slovenly wilderness surround your hill. 

Round upon the ground
And tall and of a port in air.


*Erasmus says Epimetheus (afterthought) opened it.

greek pyxis hand jar twk

Random Photo

asemic metal art mobiles

A photo a day keeps the Doctor in play.

Steal This Meme: The Light Inside

light inside broken twk

Steal this meme.



Museum of Joy

I want I want wm blake twk