Random Photo: Crying Face

A photo a day keeps the doctor in play.

Random Photo: Abstract Expressionism

A photo a day keeps the Doctor in play.


Superimposition Collage

Superb Owl

Silent movie actress Louise Brooks with a taxidermied owl photoshopped on her head. Superb.


Superimposition: Head of Ozma

Random Photo: Daily Walk

A photo a day keeps the Doctor in play.

There was no cherubim with flaming sword in the parking lot to keep me out, so I went for a walk in Paradise, the paradise Henri Rousseau kept in his back pocket like a kerchief. The Kingdom is in the beholding, and for the walking (between the slough and the creek).

Superimposition Collage: Tender is the Button scarred by Night


Random Photo: Walking on Hemlock

A photo a day keeps the Doctor in play.

Walked the trails at Hemlock Cliffs this morning, near to the south coast of Indiana, guiding daughter Ariel and friend Rachel on their first visit. Been a while. I think I remember how beautiful it is, then I go there and it stuns me all over again.

On Reading Sexton’s To Bedlam And Part Way Back

behind my eyes
I see Anne Sexton’s little owl
draw breath

between dungaree thighs
dark as Byron’s night
and drawl out

unnoticed rhyme
punching in the words
like rivets

on the fly
spitting out

of her victims’ bones
around the skew curve
of her vertical smile

Random Photo: Found Self

A photo of decay keeps the Doctor in play.