Annals of Twitter: May and Brexit

brexit cheese submarine tweet thread 1

brexit cheese submarine tweet thread 2

brexit cheese submarine tweet thread

Prime Minister May survived a No Confidence vote in the Parliament today. If only just. As for the cheese submarine, it’s a bit runny. It’s very runny, actually. A bit runnier than you’ll like it.

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Random Photo

2nd St bridge shroud tcrop cont

A photo a day keeps the Doctor in play.

Museum of Joy: Chicago Bigamy


Judy Chicago, Bigamy Hood, 1965

Steal This Meme: The Melania Trees

kirk spock redshirt melanias red trees fed dormant

If you haven’t seen this episode of the original Star Trek, spoiler alert…

That redshirt is toast.

#MelaniasTrees #WhiteHouseChristmas2018

As Clay Shirky, author of Here Comes Everybody, puts it, “The stupidest possible creative act is still a creative act.” Words to live by in the latter days of the Internet Age. Steal this meme. (I stole the image; I added the caption.)

Random Photo: God Loves You!

god loves portapotty dark cont rcrop sat

A photo a day keeps the Doctor in play.

I was walking in the park with the grandkids, and stepped into the porta-pottie to relieve nature, and found a message awaiting me. I can’t decide whether the… depositor of the good news is utterly blind to context, void of paradox, irony, incongruity, such is their faith in faith, or a genius of apposite juxtaposition.

Bonus grandkids:

eden ollie rolling hills

The Kindly Ones, Thou False Oaf


The kindly ones await you
with furious patience

graciously weep for you
tears of blood

rivulets of corrosion
gnawed into their cheeks.

Brushing the snakes
out of their eyes

they pull tight
the twitch and flex of leather

of wing
of scourge

pull tight
raw hide weave

on the shining


The wrathful lordosis
of flanks

blacker than black
unvexed nightmares

thighs unmoved
but not slow

of low coals

snatches of pale fire
gelid coils

of unhymned lightning
the terrible

swift soar
and lash

too kind to be kith
cold to be kin

the infold
of cruel fates

infer below thou
false oaf.

Steal This Meme: So Comfortable, Very Smart

trump wwi crosses so comfortable very smart

Trump, the Twitter certified @realDonaldTrump, called a travel lid today. That means he didn’t leave the White House. He was very busy tweeting. He did no honor to veterans, to the people of this country, or any one else today, but at least he didn’t wasn’t lying while standing in front of the Tomb of the Unknowns in Arlington National Cemetery.

tomb of the unknown inscription crop twk


Here, lies are solemn.

Here, lies are told
in the cadence of boot heels ringing on stone,
in the snap of a bolt shooting home
in the breech of a polished rifle, held at port arms
in white gloved hands.

Here, we fold our flag
and tell ourselves
the soldier died bravely
in a just cause.

Dead men cannot lie.
Here, all causes are lost.

Here, the living let stones tell the lies
the dead cannot.
To sooth sore hearts, tales are told
of glory in battle,
and courage under fire.

Here, the paths of glory
discolor marble
a shade of brown like dried blood
scuffed into the paving stones
by the slow turn
and turnabout march
of the Guard of Honor
in roped off sacred ground
in front of the Tomb of the Unknown.

Here, lies are told by Presidents and generals.
Here, chiseled stone names no names.
Here, the truth lies sleeping under stone.

Under lies, the truth rests,
but not in peace.
The dead have chisels that cut the heart.